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Perimeter low voltage Flashglare LED Lighting Technology


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CAST LED Perimeter Gen 3 Fence Light – 11 Watts/1172 Lumens


CAST Perimeter® Security Lighting GEN 3 is the world’s most sophisticated low voltage low cost easy to install LED security lighting solution on the market today. Comes with the latest Flash Glare technology were intruders can not see. Download Generation 3 Flash Glare Series Datasheet

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Perimeter low voltage lighting with Flashglare Technology

The Gen 3 product enhances camera images, illuminates the fence line and property, and provides unmatched glare-free even illumination for security guards and blinding glare for intruders attempting to breach the fence line. All Cast Perimeter products can be third-party activation to provide an active deterrent to stop intruders. While Winning awards and accolades for its precision, efficiency, and robust security solution. It’s the most advanced design on the market delivering light distribution up to 120′ diameter, available in four different light levels. The GEN 3 Night Owl series is available in a field tunable infrared in 850nm and 950nm. CAST Perimeter® GEN 3 can be combined with your choice of security system intrusion detection systems or other dry contact signals to automatically turn on the lights when an intruder approaches or attempts to climb the fence.


We guarantee seamless integration with your security system resulting in a total security solution. Use the CAST Perimeter® innovative low-voltage LED technology to deliver precise lighting and enhanced camera images at an incredibly affordable price.


The GEN 3 (CPL3) attaches directly to fence posts and can be integrated with 3rd party security systems. Install CPL3 with our Flash Glare® option and force intruders out. Using Flash Glare® with your 3rd party solutions is the ONLY solution on the market today where you can both identify an intruder is approaching AND chase them away without human intervention.


The GEN 3 360° beam angle series is available in four different brightness levels of 11 Watts DC, 1172 Lumen (CPL38), 18 Watts DC, 1662 Lumen (CPL312), 22 Watts DC, 2229 Lumen (CPL316), and 33 Watts DC, 3064 Lumen (CPL325). All four options use the same light fixture body, so the light will project the same distance (on an 8′ fence the light will project 60′ on each side of the fence or 120′ diameter).


The NEW GEN 3 180° beam angle series is available in three different brightness levels of 11 Watts DC, 1283 Lumen (CPL38-180), 18 Watts DC, 1821 Lumen (CPL312-180), 22 Watts DC, 2386 Lumen (CPL316-180). For the exact lux performance of the NEW 180 degree Gen 3 Perimeter like all our lighting fixtures, please visit the engineering library section of the website and reference the sample lux plots provided.


Light Coverage

Total Diameter of Light Coverage on Fence Line (100ft. fixtures spaces 20ft apart.)


  • Airport perimeters, power grids, reservoirs & data centers, power plants and substations, marinas and ports, military sites, public parks, and pathways.
  • Commercial property where perimeters need added security, but must comply with strict dark-sky ordinances.
  • Temporary and rapid deployment settings such as temporary fencing, military sites, and aid & relief stations.



As our premier fixture, GEN 3 is loaded with product features that create precise, effective security lighting. It has the widest light distribution at 120′ foot diameter and four different lighting levels. It is also built with small details that improve performance such as:

  • Custom stem length available
  • Fixture easily adjusts to 22° off vertical to accommodate any grade condition using a ball joint style adjustment knuckle (requires 1 1/4″ wrench).
  • A luminaire shape that limits glare from water run-off
  • All mounting hardware and electrical connectors included. Standard 1.25″ – 4.5″ round post mount included
  • Easily attaches to most standard fence posts (custom size brackets are also available for larger fence posts)
  • A junction box that is quick to connect to the fence and easy to maintain
  • Solid Castings that last to protect the perimeter in the most extreme conditions
  • Simple wire piercing splice connection to low voltage wire.
  • Easily field repairable electronics. Quick connect driver and LED replacement design.
  • 3rd Party Integration (with the CPT1200DCAI Power Supply)


GEN 3 is designed to integrate with existing fence structures and security layers using easy one-man mounting brackets, custom stem lengths if required, and easy wiring connections.




29″(73 cm) height x 6″(15 cm) wide x 9″ (23 cm) length


Eurometal hat, vase, and easy to install two part mounting plate assembly, schedule 40 aluminum stem, stainless steel 5/16″ saddle bracket bolts and washer; PMMA 8N Plexiglas LED optic enclosure, cable piercing wire quick-connect splice kit (CPQC1) included.


Mounting Options:
Fence Light attaches to top of round fence posts up to 1.25″ – 4.5″ diameter; Offset Bracket (CPLOSB3) available for situations where CPL3 must be mounted below fence top or for other offset needs. Custom brackets available for square, I-Beam, and other fence posts, see Engineering Library.


The LED driver is a proprietary circuit designed specifically for this luminaire.

Input Voltage: 17-26 Volts AC/DC recommended for optimal performance.

•Surge and Spike Suppression: TVS transient voltage suppressor (up to 40 volts)
•EMI FIltering: Compliance with FCC Class B Conducted and Radiated
•Components: All driver components selected for extended operation at high temperatures – no electrolytic capacitors.


•Ambient Temperature Range: -40°C to 55°C
•LED Array: Mounted on aluminum core board, secured to cast-aluminum alloy body with thermal bonding. Thermal pathway includes hat, stem, and base.
•LED Driver: Fully encapsulated in thermally conductive epoxy.


Light Source:
•LED Array: (4 or 8) Cree XPG2
•Lumen Maintenance (L70): 55,000 Hrs.
•Color Temperature (CCT): 4,500°K Neutral White +/- 250°K
•Color Rendering (CRI): 75
•Light Output: varies per fixture (See Spec Sheet)

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