Our Services

Vehicle Recording

Our Vehicle Recorders have been proven and tested with our customers Australia Wide. They are  shock proof in case of any accidents.

Industrial Cameras

Our Industrial Cameras are made for are anti-corrosion proof and also explosion proof depending on the need of the customers property.

Infra Red Illuminators

Infra Red illuminators are needed for CCTV installations that need a broad spectrum of Night Viewing that normal cctv cams can not do.

special products

Our License Plate cams are made with a special lens that will see the plate when going over 100km night and day.

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License Plate Cameras

Our Underwater Cameras are made for long term use and also for deep distances under the ocean up to 100 Meters.

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Underwater Cameras

The Mosquito Anti-Noise-Barrier device has an all age setting frequency setting to deter people of all ages.

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Mosquito Anti Loitering