Infra Red Illuminators

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    Infra Red illuminators

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    Sep 28, 2020

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    Outdoor Lighting

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CCTVAustralia due to customer requests now supply Commercial Infra red illuminators. Our range of Commercial illumators are made for CCTV and Safety Critical applications that are needed in important areas such as Caravan ParksFootball ovalsParklands and open areas to name a few.  All of our illuminators are designed and manufactured to deliver outstanding performance together with low costs of ownership and maintenance. All our commercial Infra red Illuminators are IP66 being weatherproof and also last more than 50,000 hours in life span when operating during the night. Before ordering, please make sure camera and lens has high sensitivity  wavelength for infrared illuminators. It’s normal that viewing distance may differ from various camera and lenses. Please consult us if you are not sure before purchase.

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