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The mosquito box makes a high-frequency pulsing sound that can be heard up to a 35-40-meter radius depending on ambient noise. The device is marketed as the “ultrasonic teenage deterrent” and the noise can be heard by people under the age of 25, who usually have more acute hearing than older adults. It is also possible to change the chip in the device to be a deterrent for all ages not just teenagers.

Add a Mosquito Cage

If you are going to install the Mosquito under 3 Meters then it would be wise to get a Mosquito cage.

Use a Remote Control

You can switch on or off at leisure with your remote control device

Use GSM Text Remote Control

Control The Mosquito Noise barrier through SMS Text


So, you’re having problems with kids and teens?


Every day we receive calls from people wanting to buy a Mosquito Anti-loitering Device. People like you who are fed up with groups of kids damaging their property, hanging around in rowdy groups,littering, smoking and drinking, playing music and generally preventing you from enjoying your home or business.


You have tried talking to them. You have tried talking to their parents if you know them. Perhaps you have even wasted your time getting the police involved. Now you need to take matters in to your own hands in a way that does not involve any confrontation.


Then it is time to look at the Mosquito, also otherwise known as an anti loitering sound device, anti teenager alarm, teenager repellent or ultrasonic teenage deterrent, Call it what you will, but it is essentially a low power device that makes a pulsing sound similar to an alarm clock. This sound is just out of the range of an adults hearing, which is why it only bothers people under the age of about 25. The sound is not loud or painful, just highly annoying after a short period of time.


The Mosquito device is the only product on the market that has the teeth to bite back. The Mosquito alarm works not by being loud and painful, but by being UNBELIEVABLY annoying to the point where the kids CANNOT stay in the area being covered by the mosquito sound.


This page allows you to customise your own Mosquito kit. Whilst we supply security cages, PIR motion detectors, timers and remote controls, for most applications, activating the Mosquito via the switch on the power socket is sufficient. If you will have to mount the Mosquito below 3 meters or 9 feet though, we suggest purchasing a security cage. The Mosquito itself is cast zinc and is very durable and impact resistant, as it was designed for use in US prisons. That said, it is worth the extra precaution if being mounted low.


Why the Mosquito

About the Mosquito Alarm

Using high-frequency sound, the Mosquito alarm helps to reduce anti-social behavior such as loitering, vandalism, graffiti and violence sometimes caused by youths under 25.


The deployment of Mosquito devices gives communities respite in cases of acute anti-social behaviour and youth nuisance. The devices are successfully being used in areas where there are large groups of young people making life a problem for residents and businesses. It is a reliable and tested product aimed at controlling problem areas and stopping anti-social behaviour escalating or getting out of control.


The Mosquito alarm works not by being loud and painful, but by being annoying to the point where youngsters disperse from any area being controlled by the Mosquito high-frequency sound. The device is usually effective within 20 minutes.


The MK4 Mosquito is equip with a multi-age function allowing the device to be set to 17 KHz to disperse groups of troublesome teenagers. The lower 8 KHz frequency setting should only be used if there are persistent problems with older groups of people but the device should not be used at the ‘all-age’ setting in residential areas.


Sound Deterrent for Under 25`s

For many, living in relative peace and quiet is something we seek and, more often than not, we are fortunate to get, particularly in the comfort of our own home. However, in some places, this idyllic life we seek can become disturbed by unwanted youngsters who may not choose the best places to meet up and hang around.


For many homeowners and businesses faced with this problem and having exhausted all other reasonable means of dispersing potential trouble, high-frequency sound is being used as an effective deterrent for under 25’s.


The Mosquito anti-loitering alarm emits an ultra, high-pitched noise that can only be heard by those under the age of 25 if set at 17 KHz.


The frequency level at which the sound is transmitted can only be heard by youngsters under the age of 25 because as we get older, adults suffer progressive hearing loss and higher frequencies are the first to go.


How to Stop Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-social behavior, meaning everything from persistent dogs barking to vandalism, is something that many people have to suffer with in some form.


Local authorities across the world are always on the search for ways to prevent anti-social behavior. They use statutory nuisance legislation, fixed penalty notice charges, criminal behavior order notices, and more. The problem is that, even if a noise complaint is made or you report anti-social behavior, there is only so much that authorities can do – and they often focus on more serious issues due to a lack of funding and resources.


Due to this, people often have to take anti-social behavior and crime prevention into their own hands.


When tackling anti-social behavior, there are various approaches that can be taken. Here are some anti-vandal tactics to consider so you can tackle crime near your home or business:


  • Report the issue: When it comes to anti-social behavior, noise is one of the most common problems. One way to try and stop this is by reporting the issue. While it may prove fruitless, this step is recommended rather than confronting those making noise – which could only further escalate the issue.


  • Set up a neighborhood watch: If this hasn’t been done already, it is wise to set up a neighborhood watch. This can help with spotting and quickly reporting behavior, including thefts and gang activity.


  • Protect your property: Anti-social behavior noise is only one problem. It can also involve points such as theft and vandalism. In these situations, you should take extra precautions to protect your property. Anti-vandal fixes include fencing, security cameras and doors, lighting solutions, and anti-vandal switches.


  • Clean up signs of anti-social behavior fast: If your property has been the victim of visible anti-social actions, don’t leave these actions out in the open for everyone to see. Whether it’s litter or graffiti, you should clean up any signs of anti-social behavior as soon as possible. This helps with stopping other vandals from being encouraged to do the same to your property.


However, when it comes to truly eradicating anti-social behavior, meaning that it is not something you have to deal with directly in the future, the number one solution is the Mosquito anti-loitering alarm. The Mosquito device is incredibly effective in dispersing nearby youths within a matter of minutes while being non-intrusive. It works just as well for individual troublemakers as it does for large groups.


The Mosquito Anti Loitering Device

For many of us we would prefer to avoid confrontation, but how do you deal with groups of teenagers that may have chosen your neighbourhood or business to hang around?


As a safe means of effective youth crowd control, the Mosquito anti-loitering device can be easily installed and controlled by the user to emit a high-frequency sound to stop the problem of youngsters gathering around homes and businesses premises where their presence is not welcome.


Once installed on the outside of the property, the owner can easily via a remote control turn the device on for a few minutes until the group of teenagers has dispersed. The device can also be controlled via a timer or PIR sensor to turn on and off at certain times of the day, potentially stopping the problem before it starts.


How to Stop Vandalism on your Property

When learning how to deter vandals successfully, one of the best tools you can have in your repertoire is undoubtedly the Mosquito alarm. This device is proven in its ability to disperse adolescents that are loitering around your home or business premises.


As for how to prevent vandalism with the Mosquito device, this is due to how the alarm functions. It delivers a high-frequency tone that, while harmless, is unbearably annoying for anyone that can hear the sound. Due to how our hearing changes as we age, this sound is generally only audible for those under 25, making it a productive, targeted way to stop vandalism.


If you consider other direct methods when learning how to stop vandalism, these usually involve confrontation and defiance, and they can put you in harm’s way. The Mosquito, conversely, is a non-confrontational method that sees results within a matter of minutes.


In your effort to stop vandalism, the Mosquito is also available with a range of accessories, including a timer, remote control, and detector. These assist with switching the mosquito on when it is needed most – no electricity wasted.


If you’re thinking of how to prevent vandalism, look no further than the Mosquito.


How to prevent Graffiti on your Property

When you understand how to prevent graffiti, you will realize the Mosquito device is one of the best tools you can use. Although it is impossible to have a completely anti-graffiti world, the Mosquito helps to minimize the possibility of it occurring on your property.


When preventing graffiti and vandalism with the Mosquito alarm this is done with a high-frequency sound. This tone is only detectable by those under 25, and it is a consistent, annoying sound that youngsters want to escape as soon as possible. The result: groups of graffiti vandals will disperse within minutes once the Mosquito is switched on.


Even though the tone produced by the Mosquito is highly effective for graffiti prevention, it is completely harmless. No youngsters, animals, or even babies will be affected by the Mosquito’s sound. It is simply a way that will make troublesome youngsters move away from your home or business.


The Mosquito alarm is available with features such as a motion sensor, timer, and remote control. These accessories can improve the accuracy and efficiency of the device. For instance, with the motion sensor, this will automatically switch the Mosquito on when movement is detected outside.


How does the Mosquito Alarm work

The Mosquito works by exploiting a medical condition called presbycusis – or more simply put age-related hearing loss. As we age, our ability to hear higher frequency sounds is reduced.


The Mosquito works by emitting an alternating high-frequency tone at 16-18.5 kilohertz. The tone is highly annoying and is used to prevent and disperse teenagers congregating outside property and business premises.


It switches on and off four times a second for up to 20 minutes which isn’t audible to people over about 25 years of age but is intensely irritating to people under that age.


For the youth setting the frequency comes out of the speaker in a 60-degree arc and can reach 15-30 metres depending on the volume setting.


How do you Set Up the Mosquito Alarm

The quieter the location and the closer to the target area you can install the unit, the quicker you will disperse the problem.


Mount the Mosquito unit, ideally above four metres, directly on to a flush vertical wall. Use the mounting bracket to ensure the device is angled correctly. Either angle the unit upwards (to increase the range) or downwards (to reduce the range). The louvers on the front of the device project the sound down at a 45-degree angle to cover the intended area.


A clear line of sight is required between the unit and the target area. Range up to 30m.


How Long does it take the Mosquito to work

Once the device is activated, for those susceptible to the sound it will be heard almost immediately. Its persistent, annoying frequency will usually cause people in the vicinity of the sound to move on within 20 minutes.


Does the Mosquito Alarm Hurt

The Mosquito has been tested by various United Kingdom, European Union, US and Canada government agencies, environmental groups and human rights groups and has been found to be completely safe. There is no risk of long-term hearing damage from the Mosquito.


Is the Mosquito Alarm harmful

Mosquito is not loud enough to cause any damage to hearing even at close range. In many cases the sound is quieter than many other sounds in our environment. The Mosquito has its effect by being repetitive and highly annoying even at low volume levels

The Mosquito is safe, legal and harmless. The safe use of the anti-social device to prevent unwanted behaviour is backed by several organisations. Here you can download and view various documents that verify its use in terms of its legality and harmless nature when installed in appropriate situations.


Is the Mosquito Alarm legal

As an individual you have a legal right to peaceful enjoyment of your property or business. The Mosquito device is 100% legal to own and use and requires no planning permissions. The government has stated that, “Mosquito alarms are not banned, and the government has no plans to ban them”.

The Mosquito is safe, legal and harmless. The safe use of the anti-social device to prevent unwanted behaviour is backed by several organisations. Here you can download and view various documents that verify its use in terms of its legality and harmless nature when installed in appropriate situations.



Mosquito MK4 features


Teenage only setting: 17 KHz sound (only under 25’s can hear)


All-age setting: 8 KHz sound (people of ANY age can hear)


4 volume/distance settings (maximum volume 103 dB)


35-40 metre maximum range (depending on ambient noise)


4 on/off options: manually, PIR sensor, remote control or timer


Audible beep on/off


Low voltage operation: 1 hour installation (competent DIY person)


20 minute run time (Continuous run time can be achieved by requesting a ‘continuous chip’to be installed in the unit) All Mosquito units supplied with a timer will have a continuous chip installed automatically.


Mosquito Anti Loitering Device effect


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