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Mosquito Anti Loitering Device


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The mosquito box makes a high-frequency pulsing sound that can be heard up to a 35-40-meter radius depending on ambient noise. The device is marketed as the “ultrasonic teenage deterrent” and the noise can be heard by people under the age of 25, who usually have more acute hearing than older adults. It is also possible to change the chip in the device to be a deterrent for all ages not just teenagers.

Add a Mosquito Cage

If you are going to install the Mosquito under 3 Meters then it would be wise to get a Mosquito cage.

Use a Remote Control

You can switch on or off at leisure with your remote control device


So, you’re having problems with kids and teens?


Every day we receive calls from people wanting to buy a Mosquito Anti-loitering Device. People like you who are fed up with groups of kids damaging their property, hanging around in rowdy groups,littering, smoking and drinking, playing music and generally preventing you from enjoying your home or business.


You have tried talking to them. You have tried talking to their parents if you know them. Perhaps you have even wasted your time getting the police involved. Now you need to take matters in to your own hands in a way that does not involve any confrontation.


Then it is time to look at the Mosquito, also otherwise known as an anti loitering sound device, anti teenager alarm, teenager repellent or ultrasonic teenage deterrent, Call it what you will, but it is essentially a low power device that makes a pulsing sound similar to an alarm clock. This sound is just out of the range of an adults hearing, which is why it only bothers people under the age of about 25. The sound is not loud or painful, just highly annoying after a short period of time.


The Mosquito device is the only product on the market that has the teeth to bite back. The Mosquito alarm works not by being loud and painful, but by being UNBELIEVABLY annoying to the point where the kids CANNOT stay in the area being covered by the mosquito sound.


This page allows you to customise your own Mosquito kit. Whilst we supply security cages, PIR motion detectors, timers and remote controls, for most applications, activating the Mosquito via the switch on the power socket is sufficient. If you will have to mount the Mosquito below 3 meters or 9 feet though, we suggest purchasing a security cage. The Mosquito itself is cast zinc and is very durable and impact resistant, as it was designed for use in US prisons. That said, it is worth the extra precaution if being mounted low.




Mosquito MK4 features


Teenage only setting: 17 KHz sound (only under 25’s can hear)


All-age setting: 8 KHz sound (people of ANY age can hear)


4 volume/distance settings (maximum volume 103 dB)


35-40 metre maximum range (depending on ambient noise)


4 on/off options: manually, PIR sensor, remote control or timer


Audible beep on/off


Low voltage operation: 1 hour installation (competent DIY person)


20 minute run time (Continuous run time can be achieved by requesting a ‘continuous chip’to be installed in the unit) All Mosquito units supplied with a timer will have a continuous chip installed automatically.


Mosquito Anti Loitering Device effect

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